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SR22 Insurance Filing

What you need to know about SR-22 Filing in California

When it comes to issues regarding auto insurance, our driving records, and rights and privileges, sometimes we are taught things that simply are not true. Let’s look at a few of the most common myths and misconceptions regarding the SR-22 California:

What is the SR22 Driver Filing?

An SR-22 is a certificate of insurance filed by your insurance company directly to the Department of Motor Vehicles. The SR-22 is issued in the following forms: Operator’s Certificate, Owner’s Certificate, and Operator’s-Owner Certificate.

SR22 Minimum Liability Limits

The minimum liability limits must meet California requirements of:

  • $15,000 of bodily injury coverage per person injured in an accident
  • $30,000 of bodily injury coverage per accident
  • $5,000 of property damage coverage per accident

Non-owner SR-22 insurance in California

If you don’t own a car but still want to drive, you’ll need to purchase a non-owner car insurance policy that offers SR-22 filing. A non-owners policy, sometimes referred to as an “operator’s” policy, will provide the minimum liability insurance required in California and will satisfy your SR-22 requirement.

How long do you need to have an SR22?

The length of time you’ll need to maintain SR-22 insurance in California depends on your conviction, which should state how long you’re expected to maintain the SR-22 filing. Most violations only require three years, but more serious infractions such as reckless driving can land you a 10-year requirement.

How the SR22 Filing Process Works

There is not much for you to do in this process. All you have to do is request your insurance company to file an SR-22 for you, then the insurance company takes care of the rest. If you do not have insurance, or your insurance company doesn’t file SR-22s, please contact us at (855)512-5429, and a SeaBridge Insurance customer service representative can help answer your questions.

Avoid Future SR-22 Cancellations and Suspensions

Once you have your SR-22 coverage, you want to make sure it does not get cancelled or suspended. You can do this by renewing it early. It must be renewed at least 15 days before it expires to make sure it isn’t cancelled. The earlier you renew it, the safer you’ll be and the less likely your SR-22 will be cancelled.

Alternate SR22 Proof Filing Methods

There is a way you can get around filing an SR-22 insurance policy. You have to pay $55,000.00 in securities with the state treasurer!

When Is an SR22 Required?

Not all states require an SR-22, but the ones that do may require them for any of the following reasons:

  • Unsatisfied Judgments
  • Major Convictions
  • License Suspensions
  • No Insurance Violations
  • No Insurance At The Time Of The Accident

California SR22 Filing

SeaBridge Insurance can help you file an SR-22 in California and we can also help you obtain low-cost SR-22 insurance. Give us a call at (855)512-5429 for more information.